Scandinavian-designed and hand made in New York, Nordblooms offers curated and
premium preserved flower bouquets that are still life works of art. Enjoy style and beauty
without the waste with a more permanent, low-maintenance bouquet to savor and enjoy.

We are all about trimming responsibility and letting the effortless nature of Nordblooms
stand out. This leaves you with more time to water what’s important to you, without
compromising on the view.

We bring you longer-lasting contemporary bouquets with blooms that you buy for
yourself, that look after themselves.

At Nordblooms we celebrate the beauty of nature as a work of art.

Nordblooms – made for the gallery of your home.

What We’re About


Like a sculpture or a carefully-selected piece
of interiors, our bouquets act as a piece of art
to curate, complement and complete the
environment you place them in. Elevating,
rather than simply filling space, they make the
perfect gift or purchase for anyone with
considered style and taste.


Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and
design, our arrangements are modern, clean,
sleek and simple - and delivered right to your
door. Thoughtfully-curated and composed,
Nordblooms are a simple, stunning and
sophisticated way to create spaces that set
the tone for your life.


Own less, live more. Nordblooms bouquets
require no trimming, watering, picking up
petals or replacing weekly for style that’s
always in season. Low-maintenance and
high-quality, our beautiful artworks of nature
are pieces worth investing in - saving you time
and money compared to buying fresh flowers
regularly. Pair with one of our premium vases
for the ultimate finish.


Like our flowers, we believe the beauty of
nature is better preserved. We offer a modern
and more sustainable alternative to fresh cut
flowers. Reduce waste and lower your carbon
footprint with our longer lasting blooms.
Entirely natural and unlike fake flowers
Nordblooms are also biodegradable.

Our Mission

At Nordblooms we strive to make the world more
beautiful. Our mission is to disrupt the floral industry
and make it greener by offering a modern and
sustainable alternative to fresh cut flowers.

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