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Premium Preserved Flower
Bouquets That Are Still-Life
Works of Art.

Want to brighten up your office space,
curate inviting building lobbies or simply
show appreciation to your team and
clients? We’ve got you covered.

Elevate Your Business
With Nordblooms

Nordblooms offers contemporary
long-lasting flower arrangements
that are equal parts beautiful and
effortless. Like a sculpture, our
bouquets act as a piece of art to
curate, complement and complete
the environment - work, hotel,
restaurant or venue - you place
them in.

Real, Natural Flowers That
Still Look Fresh by The End
of The Week

Beautify the counter tops in your store with
our natural bio-preserved blooms that still
look perky and happy by the end of the week.

Combining the vibrancy of fresh flowers with
the long-lasting properties of dried ones,
Nordblooms gives you the best of both worlds
so that you can enjoy their fresh cut look and
feel for longer.

Effortless and
Maintenance-Free Beauty

Curate welcoming workplaces with flowers
that boost moods and creativity. And the
best part, our maintenance-free blooms
are flowers that take care of themselves
so that you have more time to focus on
your business.

Our bouquets require no trimming, watering,
picking up petals or replacing weekly for
lush effortless blooms that set the tone
for your business.

Nature, Curated

We approach floristry from the point of
interior design: our arrangements are
purposefully curated for tasteful understated
bouquets to elevate any space. Scandinavian
styled and paired with a collection of
high-end vases, our blooms are sure to make
your business stand out for the right reasons.

Gifting That Lasts

Nurture your relationships and delight teams
and clients with our corporate gifting
program featuring a curated collection of
long-lasting and modern floral arrangements
in a range of budgets and sizes to fit your business.

Sustainable in Style

Be part of the solution by choosing a
modern and more sustainable alternative
to fresh cut flowers. Lower emissions and
reduce waste without sacrificing beauty
and style. Our blooms are real and natural
and unlike artificial flowers, they are also

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