Our Founder

Effortless Beauty that
Pairs With Your Lifestyle

Isabelle’s love of nature began at an early
age going for scenic walks with her family
and picking berries and mushrooms in the

Having grown up in Sweden with the forest
across the street, she swapped the views of
the woods for those of the city by traveling
the world and living in Sydney, where she
completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree
at The University of New South Wales, before
settling in New York.

After years of living overseas and setting up
multiple homes, she discovered that after all
the furniture is added to a space, it’s the
little things, the final details that complete
the room, transforming it into a place to relax
and recharge after a long day.

She found that although it was easy to find
Scandinavian-styled furniture and interior
design items, the final piece to tie it all
together was missing, the concept was not
applied to flowers.

Traditionally flowers are purchased without much consideration for how they blend in with the space
or what color that best fits the interiors. Usually, they are just placed in a standard glass vase and a
week later you throw them out.

Nordblooms was founded to bring you Scandinavian style that goes with a global lifestyle, providing
beautiful, sustainable, long-lasting and effortless flowers that pair with a modern life.

We’re all busy but want beautiful environments to come back to. Our still-life works of art are
designed for people on the go – with work, travel, friends, family, hobbies, activities and other
commitments – who want to bring nature into their homes but have the freedom to go about their lives.

With a focus on slow living and considered purchases; Nordblooms invites you to curate welcoming
spaces with guilt-free and maintenance-free flowers.

Bringing together her passion for fashion, art, design and sustainability, Nordblooms is a culmination
of culture, taking influence from Isabelle’s time living in Scandinavia, Australia and now New York.

So come in. Admire the art. Skip the fancy words. And discover the Art of Nature with Nordblooms.

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