Product Care

We strive to extend the life of each and every bloom. Our bouquets have been created to
look perky and happy for up to a year. Requiring no maintenance, they are easy to care for,
but there are a few things to keep in mind that help to maximize the life of your bouquet.
So, without further ado, here are some tips and pointers!

  • Although they look like fresh flowers (confusing, we know), do not water the blooms or
    put the stems in water. Nordblooms is drink-free floristry!
  • To prevent the color from fading, keep out of direct sunlight (makes sense right).
  • Preferably place your blooms in a cool, dry spot in the home.
  • As this is a natural product they sweat (just like you). To avoid drying out the stems
    keep the plants away from air-conditioning and heating vents.
  • Our beautiful blooms are made for interior use only and are not meant for outdoor use.
  • As part of the preservation process the flowers have been treated with natural food
    dyes. To prevent transfer of color, do not place in contact with fabrics or other
    delicate items.
  • If exposed to humidity, the stems may sweat and leak small amounts of water and dye.
    In this event gently dry the stems and leaves with a tissue.
  • In the event that dust settles on the flowers over time - you can use a light feather
    duster to softly brush over the petals.
  • The flowers are delicate so please handle your blooms with love and care.

And last but not least, remember to enjoy your new bouquet!

All Good Things
Must Come to an End

At Nordblooms we are passionate about
sustainability, and we look holistically at
how flowers are being used and their whole

We strive to reduce waste by carefully designing
bouquets that fit a space for the long-term and
aim to extend the lifespan of each bouquet by
letting every bloom reach its full potential.

When the time comes to say goodbye don’t be
sad, our blooms are natural and biodegradable.
To fill the empty space, don’t forget to check out
our page for the latest product updates!

Should you wish to update your bouquet before
it has reached the end of its life, we encourage
you to gift it to someone special that you care
about or to donate it to our partner charity
BloomAgainBklyn. Diverting flowers from the
solid waste stream and repurposing them into
upcycled flower arrangements for seniors,
hospitals, women’s shelters and others at risk
throughout Brooklyn their goal is to bring beauty
and joy to those in need. – A cause that we gladly
get behind!

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