Christian Nguyen

We partnered with the talented Brooklyn-
based artist Christian Nguyen who
transposed his creativity onto our flower
delivery box for an exclusive limited edition of
250 boxes.

Christian transforms architectural forms
into symbols, color and light
drawing inspiration from Renaissance
paintings, the Paleolithic caves
and J.R.R. Tolkien, Christian’s work is
featured on uprise art.

Ole and Steen

Ole and Steen is paving the way for Danish
baked goods globally bringing Danish hygge
and hospitality to New York.

A pioneer in the resurgence of artisanal and
handcrafted baking practices (try their
cinnamon slice) we were delighted to feature
our Gothenburg bouquet in their sleek New
York venue.


Micheline starred restaurant Aquavit
transforms Nordic cuisine by experimenting
with new techniques and ingredients while
honoring tradition.

We think that our Aarhus bouquet (we may
be biased) adds just the right amount of
sophistication and makes the perfect
addition for any table setting.

Invite a Friend,
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The art of nature is even more beautiful when shared. Invite a friend with great taste to discover Nordblooms and take $10 off for yourself.